Why do I have to install an ignition interlock device?

The installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is generally either a requirement of a Court Order / Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), resulting from operating a motor vehicle while alcohol impaired, and/or a condition of probation in lieu of license revocation or jail time.

What if I fail to install and maintain the Interlock device as ordered.

If you fail to install and maintain the IID as a result of a court order / condition of probation, you may have your driver’s license revoked and/or face additional time on an IID, additional fines and incarceration. Check with your state’s statutes.

Can I operate vehicles that are not equipped with an IID while I have an IID restriction?

No, you are required to operate vehicles that are equipped with IIDs only, unless the court allows you an exception to operate an employer-owned vehicle as part of your normal job duties. If you are allowed a waiver to operate an employer-owned vehicle, you are required to carry that waiver with you at all times while operating that vehicle.

Who pays for the IID?

You are required to pay all costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the IID. If you are unable to pay the fees due to extreme financial hardship, several States offers financial hardship waivers. Check with your State for eligibility.

Will the IID interfere with my ability to operate my vehicle?

Freedom 5 IID is the smallest, lightest and most technologically advanced IID available. It provides voice instructions to operate your IID on both start up tests and rolling retests, due to this technology, it is the safest and most reliable ignition interlock available, and since there are no lights to watch, or “tones” to listen to like other IID’s, the Freedom 5 does not interfere with your ability to operate your vehicle in any way. Many IID’s are large and cumbersome by design and provide audible “tones” and lights to watch when operating the equipment, causing the driver distraction while operating those interlocks.

I submitted a breath sample, but my vehicle will not start.

If the voice instruction from the Freedom 5 IID says: You May Start the Vehicle” but the engine does not crank, you have a problem with the vehicle and not the IID, or the IID can be in a “Lock Out Mode.” Call your service provider to have the device serviced.

If the voice instruction says: You May NOT Start the Vehicle, the IID has detected a reading above the set point. The device could have detected alcohol in your breath sample, or a small amount of alcohol that can be picked up by the device. Try drinking a small amount of water and take another test.

If the Voice instruction says: “Vehicle Is Now Locked Out,” call your service provider to have the device serviced. With voice instructions, you pretty much know what’s going on with your IID!